Calling All Arizona Doctors!

In your practice as a physician, have you experienced a bad death?
Have you thought: There must be a better way?

Many of your colleagues are working to educate and influence legislators in Arizona to pass a Medical Aid in Dying bill to give the terminally ill the choice to end their suffering when they determine it is time.

Doctors for Dignity, a sub-group within Arizona End of Life Options, have written the letter below to be sent to all 90 Arizona State Legislators and they are inviting you to add your name and credential.

If you would like your name included, use the simple form below the letter to give your permission to have your name added.

Your voice in important. Your voice is powerful. Stand together with other Arizona physicians to let our legislature know that Arizona physicians believe Medical Aid in Dying is a right for all terminally ill.

Arizona Doctors for Dignity

Letter to the Arizona State Legislature:

Arizona Doctors for Dignity is a volunteer community of doctors across Arizona, associated with Arizona End of Life Options (, who have organized to reduce disparities, improve awareness, and educate the public regarding the full range of care options available at the end of life. We believe those options should include Medical Aid in Dying (MAID).

MAID allows mentally competent, carefully screened, terminally ill adults who have less than six months to live, to purchase medications prescribed by their doctor to be taken if and when they choose to compassionately end their own life, almost always at home surrounded by family and loved ones.

Despite significant advances in palliative and hospice care, we unfortunately still witness agonizing deaths. Patients not uncommonly experience unwarranted suffering at the end of life often because of overly aggressive treatments, frequently administered without adequate informed consent. Providing patients and their families detailed information regarding both disease treatment and the end-of-life care options available to them allows them to make the best possible end of life decisions for themselves, decisions which are then based on their own values and vision of a life worth living and a life complete.

We, the undersigned Arizona physicians, support the passage of proposed bill SB1486, terminally ill individuals, end of life options to legalize Medical Aid in Dying in Arizona, sponsored by Senator Stephanie Stahl Hamilton and Representative Christopher Mathis. The details of the Arizona bill have been crafted from lessons learned from previous laws passed in 10 other states and the District of Columbia, which have provided Medical Aid in Dying as an end-of-life care option for more than 74 million people. We encourage you to carefully read the Arizona bill and contact us if you have questions or if we can provide additional information. We would love an opportunity to discuss your concerns.

Medical Aid in Dying is supported by the majority of Arizonans, by the majority of Arizona physicians and many professional health organizations. This includes the Council of Ethics of the American Medical Association, which views MAID as an ethical option for end-of-life care. In a poll conducted in January 2022 in Arizona, 64% of people 65 years old and older support Medical Aid in Dying, 22% are neutral or unsure and only 14% are opposed. In all age groups combined, those percentages are 60/27/13.

We believe that we must strive to maximize patient choice in regards to their health care. A patient’s life, after all, belongs to them. We should not erect barriers for patients who are close to death, especially those struggling with intractable suffering. Medical care is not one size fits all. We must humanely care for each patient and protect that individual’s right to choose the best care possible for themselves.

Tom Fitch MD (480-414-0555;
Scott Matthew Bolhack MD
Nancy Chaffee MD
Ron Fischler MD
Jeffrey Isaacs MD
Gregory Mayer MD
Alan Molk MD, FACEP
Gobi Paramanandam MD
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