Time approaching to help with 2021 legislative advocacy campaign 
Fact #1: The deadly coronavirus continues to ravage Arizona and the rest of the world.
Fact #2: It's impossible to pinpoint when the pandemic will lose its punch and we will be able to return to some semblance of normal life
Fact #3: Encumbered by physical-distancing and other precautions, a special AZELO team has been hard at work developing a campaign created to assure passage of a long-overdue medical aid in dying (MAID) law in Arizona.

          Called The 7 Touches Campaign, it is based on the time-honored "rule of seven," first embraced by the movie industry in the 1930s and subsequently adopted by almost every company in the world with a product or service to sell. The power of "the rule" is not the number itself, but rather simple message repetition. So why not six or eight repetitions? From a statistical standpoint, it is a fact that 80% of business sales conversions happen between the 5th to 12th contact with a prospective customer -- that's roughly seven times. So, again, the number seven isn't magical, it simply represents the influence possible with the scheduled repetition of a distinctive key message.
          One of the most attractive features of the campaign is that volunteers who agree to participate (hopefully, that will include you) will be asked to invest only 15 minutes per month to fulfill their role in our statewide effort. That's the amount of time needed to cut, paste and email a single key message to the one Senator and two Representatives from your Legislative District.
          If you don't know the number of your district, that's not problem. Simply go to this website and enter your home address: What's My District?  Once you determine your district number you can check another site to learn all about the people who represent your interests in the Arizona Statehouse My State Legislators.
          Much more information will be coming your way in upcoming editions of your AZELO newsletter.


A timely op-ed in the New York Times, emphasizes the increasing need for conversations about death in the age of COVID-1. The article stresses, "Americans are not good at talking about death. But we need to be prepared for when, not if, illness will strike. The coronavirus is accelerating this need ... Our collective silence about death, suffering and mortality places a tremendous burden on the people we love, and on the doctors and nurses navigating these conversations. We should not be discussing our loved one's wishes for the first time when they are in an I.C.U. bed, voiceless and pinned in place by machines and tubes."
Read the full op-ed HERE.
Your help is wanted and welcomed in contributing news articles, opinions, human interest stories and coverage of MAID-related events for publication in our newsletter. We want to hear from you.
          For example do you have an opinion about medical aid in dying? Have you witnessed a good death? A bad death? Are you in favor of a law that gives Arizonans access to a peaceful, pain-free end to their life?
          If you can put words on paper, that makes you a writer and we want hear what you have to say. If you have need writing help, have questions, or simply want to kick around an idea, drop us an email at
          And since we're talking about communication stuff, have you checked out AZELO's Facebook page? Be sure to take a look and feel free to post, comment, like or follow. Here's the LINK. 
ABOUT US: We are an all-volunteer, nonpartisan, nonsectarian grassroots coalition
dedicated to passage of a state law allowing terminally ill residents to obtain
prescription medications that eliminate undue suffering at the end of life and assure
a dignified, peaceful passing. Our purpose, goals and proposed legislation are modeled after our highly respected national partners: Death with Dignity and Compassion & Choices.
The end-of–life practice we endorse is called medical aid in dying (MAID).
Arizona End-of-Life Options

Our mailing address is
15786 W. Merrell St, Goodyear, AZ 85395