Seven Touches Training Scheduled
You may recall that Arizona End-of-Life Options launched its ongoing Seven Touches campaign in early July. Since then we have been providing all 90 state senators and representatives with a steady stream of information explaining our organization and emphasizing the need for a medical aid in dying (MAID) law in our state. The campaign will continue through December. 
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The campaign calls for “touching” every legislator at least seven times via email, phone calls and personal meetings. If you have been participating in the campaign, thank you for your unselfish support. If you haven't had a chance to join in, it’s not too late. Here's how to get started.

STEP ONE   First, you need to locate the name and email address for the Senator and two Representatives who represent the Legislative District you live in. To start, simply go to this website and enter your home address. Your Legislative District will pop up at the top of the map. (Your Congressional District will also be displayed, but ignore that for now.)

STEP TWO   Next, type the number of your Legislative District on this website Legislators where the House Roster and Senate Roster are shown in two different displays and provide each member's name, phone number and email address. Note that when you send your emails, each person's name must include the extension Thus, for example, John Allen's email address would be

STEP THREE Draft an email something like the SAMPLE below. It's fine to send the same email message to each of your three legislators. Just remember to change the recipients' names and email addresses. Remember, the SAMPLE is exactly that, so feel free to change up the language to suit your own personal style. 

STEP FOUR  Proofread each email to eliminate possible typos, save a copy for your files, and send your Touch on its way. If you come up against a question about the campaign that you can't answer, please give Dwight Moore a call at 360-223-4958.
                           SAMPLE LETTER

Dear (name)
          For the past several months I have been sharing information with you about medical aid in dying (MAID). At issue is the absence of a law here that would give Arizonans afflicted with life-ending illnesses access to MAID.
          This is hardly a new issue. Since 2004, our advocates have been working closely with legislators crafting and submitting bills proposing a MAID law. Interestingly, during that same time period, broad public sentiment favoring medical aid in dying has grown significantly – both in Arizona and across the country. For example:
  • A 2018 survey conducted by Medscape shows that 58% of American doctors support physician-aided dying, up from 46% in 2010.
  • A 2018 Gallup poll reveals that a broad majority of Americans, 72%, believe that doctors should be legally allowed, at a patient's and a family's request, to end a terminally ill patient's life using painless means.
  • For much more information about verified polling results, please refer to our website.
          Clearly, the time is here for open-minded discussion and approval of a “Death with Dignity” law in our state. That is why I am urging you to consider all the compelling evidence and voice your support for an aid-in-dying law in the 2021 legislative session. Your support can finally grant Arizonans the same rights 70 million Americans in other states already have available to them.
          Next month I will be calling your office to schedule a phone call or meeting to further discuss medical aid in dying and hear your opinions.
Yours truly,
(home address)

All AZELO volunteers are invited to attend a special virtual training program from 10-11:30 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 20. Please make a note on your calendar. The session will provide guidance and resources for tackling the upcoming Touches Five, Six, and Seven. 

Zoom Meeting Invitation:
AZELO Host is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: AZELO Seven Touches - Touches Five - Seven Training
Time: Aug 20, 2020 10:00 AM Arizona

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News From the Front Lines
The AZELO Advocacy Team is busily gearing up for the 2021 Arizona legislative session. While last year’s focus was to perfect our medical aid-in-dying (MAID) bill language, this year our primary focus is on our bill sponsors and co-sponsors, according to Advocacy Team Lead Leesa Stevens.
          “For the upcoming session our primary goal is to assure identical language in both the House and Senate bills and limit the bills to only one in the House and one in the Senate,” Leesa says. “We encountered a bit of a problem last year in the Senate, where two bills were introduced, each with different language. Having two competing MAID bills in the Senate created confusion,” she recalls. “With a tightly coordinated approach in the upcoming session will be much more likely to be successful.”
          Also on the plus side, the Advocacy Team reports that AZELO has a nucleus of very motivated legislators, and that “we just need to work proactively to get everyone on the same page (bill).”
          On the bill sponsorship front, the team will be considering all past sponsors. In addition, feedback from the Seven Touches campaign  will be used to evaluate legislators' attitudes regarding medical aid in dying and pinpoint those individuals supportive of our cause and willing to lead or co-lead the 2021 effort.
          “Once identified, we will be contacting each supportive legislator with bill information and ask them to either sponsor or co-sponsor our bills in the Senate and House,” Leesa reports. “We want to have all our research completed and everything in place by the first of December.”
            AZELO Chairman Ron Fischler added his thanks to the Senators and Representatives who supported our MAID legislation last year. “We are very much looking forward to their continued support in the future,” he says. “They are our statehouse heroes.”
          In the House or Representatives those individuals include Pamela Powers Hannley (D-Tucson), primary sponsor of House Bill 2582, and her co-sponsors: Richard Andrade (D-Glendale), Isela Blanc (D-Tempe), Reginald Bolding (D-Laveen), Kirsten Engel (D-Tucson), Charlene Fernandez (D-Yuma), Randall Friese (D-Tucson), Rosanna Gabaldón (D-Sahuarita), Geraldine Peten (D-Buckeye), Diego Rodriguez (D-Laveen), Athena Salman (D-Tempe).
          In the Senate, Juan Mendez (D-Tempe) was prime sponsor of SB 1384. His co-sponsors included Martin Quezada (D-Phoenix), Rebecca Rios (D-South Phoenix), Randall Friese (D-Tucson), Athena Salman (D-Tempe) and Raquel Terán (D-Glendale/West Phoenix).
          In addition, SB 1497 was introduced by primary sponsor Victoria Steele (D-Tucson), with co-sponsorship from Lela Alston (D-Phoenix), Andrea Dalessandro (D-Sahuarita), Sally Ann Gonzales (D-Tucson), Juan Mendez (D-Tempe), Tony Navarrete (D-Glendale/West Phoenix), Lisa Otondo (D-Yuma), Martin Quezada (D-Phoenix), and  Rebecca Rios (D-South Phoenix).
Arizona End-of-Life Options
August 10, 2020

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