It's time for the critical 7th Touch
(time to measure our progress)
          “We have been working diligently since May and now it’s time to find out what effect we have had on the positions of our state legislators,” says AZELO Chair Dwight Moore. 
          “Our Seventh Touch is crucial. We need you to phone the staffer of each of the legislators with whom you have been in contact throughout our Seven Touches campaign,” he says. “The purpose of personal phone calls is simple and straightforward – we want you to ask to speak directly with each Senator and Representative about medical aid in dying.”
           For most volunteers who have been active in the Seven Touches program, this will be your second or third phone call.
          “If the legislator is unavailable, be sure to ask the staffer whether the legislator supports or does not support MAID,” Dwight urges. “And don’t forget to record their answers in our Roll Call program so that we can do an initial tally before the general election.
          “Finally, I want to express my sincere thanks for your participation in the Seven Touches campaign,” he added. “We are already working on our next generation of education and influence in support of MAID (7+) and will continue to keep you in the loop. 
Your vote on November 3 may be the most consequential of your lifetime. Use it wisely.
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Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico
Death with Dignity creates 'Southwest Strategy'
“When we commit to passing death with dignity laws, we’re in for the long haul, says Valerie Lovelace, State Leadership Incubator Manager. “Working side by side with strong local organizations, providing grants, technical assistance, and on-the-ground advocacy, our work spans decades: that’s the long-term movement building required to make lasting legislative change.”
          “We think we’ve become pretty good at knowing when states are ready to pass medical aid in dying laws,” she states. “That’s why we’re excited to announce our Southwest Strategy: a coordinated effort to secure passage of medical aid in dying legislation in Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.
          "As we prepare for the 2021 legislative session, we’re working with legislators and lobbyists to advance bills in all three states. In addition, we are supporting advocates on the ground by providing grant funding, mentorship and skill-sharing between local leaders, online education and networking, and time-tested model legislation."
          Last year, Death with Dignity formalized partnerships with grassroots organizations Arizona End-of-Life Options and New Mexico End-of-Life Options Coalition. Representatives of both groups participated in the DwD State Leadership Incubator program and received grants from Death with Dignity to help bolster constituent outreach and advocacy efforts.
Free Webinar Series Continues for Autumn
   Ron Fischler, MD                             Tom Fitch, MD                             Dwight Moore, PhD
AZELO's highly regarded webinar series has been compared to having a private consultation with one of the country's preeminent experts on medical aid in dying ("Death with Dignity). The current series of webinars brings a laser focus and straight talk about “The Six Choices We All Have at the End of Out Lives.” The webinars are free, convenient, and guaranteed to answer any questions you have regarding medical aid in dying (MAID). Each interactive session is hosted by one of our three nationally known subject matter experts, Dr. Ron Fischler, Dr. Tom Fitch, and Dr. Dwight Moore. Don’t miss your opportunity to take part in one of the upcoming sessions. Scheduled dates, times and registration information on our website.
London -- In the largest-ever survey of doctors in the UK, a clear majority of respondents have said they want the British Medical Association (BMA) to drop their opposition to assisted dying. Only a third of BMA members think it should remain opposed. Meanwhile, fully half of doctors said they are personally supportive of a change in the law compared to just 39% who are opposed.
          “The impact of these results cannot be underestimated,” says Sarah Wootton, Chief Executive of Dignity in Dying. “I cannot overstate how important this moment is for the fight for end-of-life choice.”

          Fifty percent of British doctors personally support assisted dying. And 61% of doctors agree that the BMA should drop their opposition. “These results are a landmark in the debate - doctors see that it’s the right time for change," Wootton adds.
Wellington -- New Zealanders go to the polls Oct. 17 to decide the fate of a national referendum on whether medical aid in dying should be legalized.  The bill stipulates that the patient must be the first to suggest assisted dying, and two doctors must agree that the patient is well-informed and other legal criteria are met. The bill to legalize MAID was originally introduced in September 2015 following a landmark right-to-die case from Lecretia Seales, a 42-year-old Wellington lawyer, who subsequently died of natural causes.   
Paris Last month, Alain Cocq, 57, temporarily abandoned his plan to hasten his death by voluntarily stopping eating and drinking (VSED). He has said, however, "Beginning Oct. 12, I will stop all hydration, diet and treatment, except painkillers. This time I will put in writing that my will is free and enlightened.  I say, therefore, clearly and solemnly: if I ask for help at such and such a time from the medical world, that does not mean in any way that I want to live.” Health Law Professor Thaddeus Mason Pope has advised Cocq to execute an Advance Directive that will direct caregivers what to do if he again loses mental capacity. Cocq’s right-to-die case has been closely watched in France where medical aid in dying is illegal, but doctors are permitted to put terminally ill patients into a deep sedation when death is imminent.

“Blackbird” is the most recent medical-aid-in-dying film of 2020. Lily (Susan Sarandon) has invited her family to spend one final weekend with her at the family’s beachside home before she dies. She has been devastated by ALS and, with the permission and understanding of the family, has arranged to end her suffering with the help of MAID. This weekend is their time to say goodbye, and Lily wants one more Christmas dinner before she goes. Available on Prime video and Vudu. Watch the theatrical trailer here.
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October 12, 2020

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