November 15, 2020
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Advance Care Planning with Alzheimer's
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Take the Quiz! 

Do you know... Which US states have legalized Medical Aid in Dying?
(Answer is at the bottom.)

Dear Supporters,

Our last issue was just two weeks ago, but it feels much longer than that. I had thought that with the election over, the frenzy of campaigning would cease and a new reality would take hold. I envisioned us all looking to a new future with a new plan, and focusing on moving forward.

Boy, was I wrong! Our political strife continues as the pandemic gains in intensity. How do we cope with this turmoil thrusting itself into our lives every time we talk to friends, turn on the TV or open a newspaper?

My strategy which has worked so well for the past 7 months has been to delve into a cause that I passionately believe in. Already sequestered in my home due to the pandemic, I’ve been devoting several hours each day working on educating the public about Medical Aid in Dying (MAID), and making sure our Arizona legislature hears our voices.

This reallocation of my time gives me a wonderful sense of productivity and optimism. And interacting with other MAID activists gives me a sense of satisfaction and belonging. I invite you to join me in choosing a cause to devote yourself to and putting in time to make our world a better place. We are a strong nation and our citizens are what make it so. If you are already contributing, thank you! And if you have not yet chosen a cause, join us!

This issue of our newsletter is all about endorsements; what they are and why they’re important. And getting endorsements start with us. Read on to learn how YOU can make a difference with this movement.


What are Endorsements
...and why are they Important?

   photo by krakenimages on  Unsplash

People are supporters; they volunteer, call their legislators, and cast their votes in an election.

Groups, clubs and organizations on the other hand, can also be supporters, by endorsing causes. Last month, the Arizona Psychological Association endorsed our organization. This is a strong show of support by a respected and powerful organization and our legislature should take notice.

Click Here to Read Endorsement FAQs

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...but Believe in the Cause?

Do you belong to…

Elks, Rotary, Lions Club, Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis, Professional Clubs, American Legion

Political Group

Arizona Bar Associations

Arizona University Alumni Association

Do you know doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers or others in the healthcare field that might be willing to speak out in favor of Medical Aid in Dying? 

Do you know an elder law attorney or someone else in the legal field that might be interested? 

You can approach your own group for an endorsement or you can simply send us contacts and we will be happy to pursue the lead (having a recommendation from someone within the organization is a great way for us to get our foot in the door!)

Email Mary Ganapol with any leads at:

Volunteer Spotlight
After a year of service to the organization, Stu Burge is stepping down as AZELO’s Communications Chair and turning his attention to the completion of a book he says has been “under construction” for the past seven years. “I refer to it as a semi-politically-correct memoir,” Stu says. “I’m looking forward to finally finishing the manuscript and shipping it off to my publisher.”

As a volunteer. Stu launched AZELO’s online newsletter in February 2020 and subsequently wrote, edited and distributed 23 issues. Marie MacWhyte has now assumed responsibility for the newsletter, as well as all digital marketing for AZELO.

During his tenure, Stu worked closely with David Brandt-Erichsen, AZELO’s long-time volunteer webmaster. In addition, he was instrumental in designing the official logo for Arizona End of Life Options. Also in February, he teamed up with volunteer Robin Craig to launch the AZELO Facebook page and helped develop a new volunteer onboarding process managed by Eileen McCulloch.

With the goal of enhancing public understanding and support for a medical aid-in-dying law in Arizona, Stu will continue to assist volunteer Sandy Wester of Yuma in organizing and coaching AZELO volunteers in the creation of personal testimonials, letters to the editor and op-ed submissions to publications statewide.

“It’s been a lot of work and a heck of a lot of fun helping get our fledgling organization off the ground,” says Stu. “I even learned a new word – Volunesia. That’s when you forget that you’re working to improve other people’s lives because the work is actually changing yours. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Indeed, the groundwork Stu contributed has been instrumental in helping bring our MAID advocacy campaign into the limelight. His tenure is testimony to the premise that well-crafted media is essential in launching a successful advocacy effort. His retirement is a loss for the organization, but his contributions have laid the foundation for a healthy coalition which is fast moving forward.

Thank you, Stu for all the work you have done!
News Around the US!

Advance Care Planning With Alzheimer’s
by Dan Pilcher, November 10, 2020

November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, a time aimed to educate the public about Alzheimer’s, the far reaching scope of this disease among Americans, and the importance of care planning.
Linda and Don Pilche

Compassion & Choices Wins Award for Video of Filmmaker Barbara Hammer

Upcoming Events

If you haven't already, register for our live webinar on zoom about the Six Choices at the End of Life. Other recorded webinars are also available on the webinar page of the AZELO website at 
Answer to the Quiz:
Ten U.S. jurisdictions have authorized medical aid in dying: California (2015), Colorado (2016), Hawai‘i (2018), Maine (2019), Montana (2009 via a Montana Supreme Court ruling), New Jersey (2019), Oregon (1997) Vermont (2013), Washington (2008), as well as Washington, D.C. (2017). Collectively, these jurisdictions represent more than one of out of five people (22%) U.S. residents.

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