February 1, 2021
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HB 2254 Update and Call to Action!
Rebuttal to our Opposition

Volunteer Call to Action
Volunteer Spotlight: Marie MacWhyte
New Webinar "Preparation Checklist for the Last Chapter of Your Life"
Interview with Dr Dwight Moore
News From New Mexico
Upcoming Events
Legislative Update and Call to Action!
HB 2254 End of Life Decisions: Terminally Ill Patients,
sponsored by Representative Powers Hannley of District 9
was filed on January 13, 2021.

Last week the bill was assigned to the House Health and Human Services committee but now it needs to be moved onto the committee’s agenda. If it doesn’t make it onto the agenda, it will go nowhere!

Here’s your CALL TO ACTION: We all need to call Rep Joanne Osborne, (HH&HS Committee Chair) and ask her to put HB 2254 onto the agenda. And if you live in one of the legislative districts below, call your representative to pressure Joanne Osborne to move the bill forward. Your script: “I would like to leave a message asking Representative  _____ to contact Representative Osborne to add Bill 2254: “End of Life Decisions: Terminally Ill Patients” to the Health and Human Services agenda. Thank you!” Ask to have your name recorded that you called.

If you have the time, please call them all!

House Health and Human Services Committee:

Member LD Phone
Chair Joanne Osborne 13 602-926-3181
Vice Chair Regina Cobb 5 602-926-3126
Alma Hernandez 3 602-926-3136
Randy Friese 9 602-926-3138
Justin Wilmeth 15 602-926-5044
Jacqueline Parker 16 602-926-3375
Joseph Chaplik 23 602-926-3436
Amish Shah 24 602-926-3280
Kelli Butler 28 602-926-5152

Rebuttal to our Opposition

by Dwight Moore, Chair of Arizona end of Life Options and Susan Fulton, AZELO Reporter

The opposition to Arizona End of Life Options makes a number of unfounded statements regarding the medical aid in dying law. We have listed five of those "Myths" and written the "Facts" for your review. 

1.  The opposition says MAID Devalues Human Life:  Over time, PAS (physician assisted suicide) statutes create a society where it is believed that some lives are just not worth living.

The Reality
·       The increase in use of Medical Aid in Dying is a testimony to people deciding to die with dignity not that life is not worth living. The number of jurisdictions which sanction MAID in the U.S. is steadily growing because of the value people find in managing end of life decisions.
·       People who choose this law have done everything in their power to live. They want the dignity of dying a good death rather than one filled with pain and anxiety.

2.  The opposition says that MAID is Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS): Studies show “existential distress” and “psychological suffering” rather than “unbearable pain” are the primary reasons a patient requests lethal medication.  If dying patients struggle with suicidal thoughts, they need counseling.

The Reality
·       Medical Aid in Dying is not suicide. Those who commit suicide face a violent death, are usually alone, leave a mess to clean up, experience overwhelming terror, anxiety, and sadness, are not rational nor making clear decisions, and leave loved ones without the opportunity to say goodbye or have closure.
·       Patients who choose MAID are calm, sure of their decision, in a comfortable place, of sound mind, without fear and anxiety, and are assured that the loved ones around them have had a chance to say goodbye.
·       If there is concern about depression in the terminal patient, the law requires the opinion of a psychiatrist or psychologist. 
·       Not all terminal suffering can be relieved.  Why should anyone — the state, the medical profession, religious bodies — presume to tell someone else how much suffering they must endure as their life is ending?

Read Three More Myths about Medical Aid in Dying That Don't Hold Up

Volunteer Call to Action
 Nick James, a very busy psychotherapist, volunteers to be in the newsletter.       

...but Believe in the Cause?

Here’s an easy task for an already too-busy volunteer!  Since one of our goals is to spread the word about medical Aid in Dying, why don't you host a "virtual house party" for the cause? Simply invite three or four couples you know to an hour on ZOOM which we at AZELO will schedule and one of our doctors will lead.

There are three possible topics:
1. Six Choices at the End of Life
2. Two stories: one good death and one bad death
3. Medical Aid in Dying: What 9 states have that we don't have here in Arizona.

After introductions, there is a 30 minute presentation and then 15 minutes for Q&A. Your help in inviting people unfamiliar to the cause is most appreciated!


Volunteer Spotlight: Marie MacWhyte

“Hi, I’m Marie MacWhyte
and I’ll be your Moderator today.”

Marie has been the moderator of the “Six Choices” webinars that are held on Zoom since they started last summer. She is also editor of AZELO’s newsletter and is the Digital Marketing Lead for Arizona End of Life Options.





When the pandemic hit Arizona with a BANG last spring, I realized I’d have to make a major shift in my daily routine to stay sane.  I decided to dive into the Arizona End-of-Life Options campaign and have been deeply involved ever since!  I learned to use Premiere Pro video editing software for my first project: My Voice, My Choice: Arizona Residents Speak Out. I’ve also honed my photoshop and social media skills. There is so much that can be done when you’re trying to educate a state of 7 million people that I've pretty much been able to write my own job description and boy, have I been busy! It's been the perfect way so spend my time, doing things I enjoy, learning and expanding my skills, and all for a very good cause.

Why AZELO? Well, it's because I’m passionate about Medical Aid in Dying.  You see, three generations of women before me, my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother died bad deaths despite their intentions to die well. I want to help make dying a good death possible in Arizona.

Read my Story of Three Generation of Bad Deaths and How I'm Working on Changing the Tradition

Are you ready for the last chapter of your life? Are your affairs in order? Does your family know how you feel about end-of-life options? Listen carefully as Kem Ellis, Volunteer Coordinator of Arizona End-of-Life Options interviews Drs Dwight Moore and Tom Fitch about areas we all should be addressing now.
Click Here to View Recorded Webinar

Interview with Dr Dwight Moore

KTAR News 92.3 FM is Arizona's News Station with Arizona's Morning News, The Mike Broomhead Show, The Gaydos and Chad Show, The Dave Ramsey Show, The Chad Benson Show and the state's largest radio newsroom.

The Think Tank departs from conventional politics this week as we discuss two serious topics. And in between we take a break by telling a funny story.

Dr. Dwight Moore is retired industrial psychologist who helped pass the California Death with Dignity act in 2015. He has volunteered with Washington’s End of Life Options for seven years, and now chairs Arizona’s End of Life Options. He has helped over 50 patients navigate Washington’s medical aid in dying law being at their bedside when they died.

We discuss:

• What is medical aid in dying?
• Who is eligible?
• How is this different from
• What kinds of checks and are in place?

• What if a family member doesn’t support that choice?

Click Here for the Podcast

News From New Mexico

HB 47: The Elizabeth Whitefield End-of-Life Options Act, Passes Its First Committee Hearing!
On Friday, January 29, 2021, in the House Health and Human Services Committee by a vote of 7 - 4! 
Next Up: House Judiciary Committee
With a "Do Pass' from HHHC, the next stop for HB 47 is the House Judiciary Committee (HJC) (no hearing date scheduled as of yet.)
Upcoming Events

If you haven't already, register for our live webinar on zoom about the Six Choices at the End of Life. Other recorded webinars are also available on the webinar page of the AZELO website at 
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