October 15, 2021
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What's Happening this Fall at AZELO
Volunteer Spotlight: Abhik Chowdhury

Kem's Open Office
Action Team Update
Upcoming Events
What's Happening this Fall at AZELO
by Marie MacWhyte, Digital Marketing Lead

Last month Dwight gave an impressive rundown of what was accomplished during his tenure as Chair and while I read all that was accomplished I kept thinking, "and this was during the pandemic!"

So let's change course and instead of looking back, let's take a peek forward. There are a lot of projects going on at AZELO that you should be aware of: 

Leesa Stevens, Legislative Advocacy Lead, and her team are in the process of calling the 47 Republican legislators in Arizona with a list of eight questions to familiarize themselves with the legislator's stance on MAID. This information will be used to plan the action phase of AZELO’s campaign, with the plan and timeline to be constructed in November.

Digital Marketing
The number of our Social Media postings has been ramping up and has proved to be astoundingly effective. Weekly posts are being made by our 14 NextDoor Posters and to 70 Arizona Facebook groups, on Twitter, Linked In, and Instagram. They contain the following information:

  • Definition of Medical Aid-in-Dying (MAID)
  • An invitation to visit our website and while there subscribe to our newsletter
  • The link to the summary of our MAID bill
  • A request for Arizonans to join their legislation district Action Team
  • An appeal for users to Like us on Facebook
  • A suggestion that readers listen deeply without judgment to Elaine Fong’s personal testimony (21 mins)
  • Ads with registration links to AZELO's upcoming webinars
  • Facts about MAID in response to opposing commentary

AZELO Webinars
Our new moderator, Abhik Chowdury, hosted this month's Oct 8th webinar. A hearty welcome to you, Abhik! 

All our webinars continue to be offered twice monthly and now have updated information and new titles.

Action Teams
According to Volunteer Coordinator, Kem Ellis: "Social media works! In less than three weeks we have added 43 new members to our AZELO action teams."

 Every time someone submits the 
Action Team signup form, they are emailed a welcome e-mail and a list of AZELO / MAID learning activities. They are then referred to the leader of their Action Team for follow-up. The teams will be apprised in November of the plan for the upcoming year. 

An AZELO committee to develop a strategy for fundraising for 2022 has been formed. The Wrigley Mansion fundraiser event initially planned for January 2022, is now being planned as a virtual event due to the continued danger of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The AZELO Newsletter continues to be published twice monthly with over 1300 subscribers, Kem’s Open Office is being held monthly at varied days and times, and The Docs for Dignity and Nurses for Dignity programs continue to be strengthened. 
Volunteer Job Openings
Are you a user of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and/or Twitter? We are in need of a manager for each of these, to manage the site and respond to commentary. You can check out each of our social media platforms by clicking on the buttons at the end of this newsletter.  If interested contact Marie MacWhyte or

Lack of manpower continues to be a limiting factor in how much we can accomplish in our projects. If you are as passionate about MAID as we are, and if you have the time and energy to contribute, please look over this list and think about where you might enjoy spending some time. We at AZELO will welcome you with open arms (sadly, in this day of Covid, this can only be a metaphor!).

Volunteer Spotlight: Abhik Chowdhury

Meet AZELO’s new webinar moderator and you will find an engaging man with a real passion for issues surrounding end-of-life planning. Abhik is currently a PhD engineering candidate at Arizona State University in computer science. His focus is on the human condition and social structures that are human-centered such as the development of computer-assisted devices and wearables for the disabled. A hearty welcome to you, Abhik!

“Hi, I'm Abhik Chowdhury, and I'll be moderating some upcoming events!

I grew up here in Chandler Arizona and my parents really helped me expand my circle of caring. I'm passionate about reducing forced suffering and have volunteered with other humanitarian organizations such as No More Deaths who know that humanitarian aid is never a crime. Even though I'm relatively young I've experienced some pain in my life and understand that there shouldn't be any shame in deciding for yourself when it's your time to go, and as I have gotten to do more work with Arizona End-of-Life Options I have been moved by the incredible strength so many people have shown at the end of their lives as they fought to have their human rights acknowledged by our institutions. I am excited to continue volunteering for Arizona End-of-Life Options and contribute to reducing forced suffering in the world.”

Kem's Open Office

The purpose of Kem's Open Office is to provide an informal, drop-in venue for MAID advocates to come together, get updates, and meet other folks including other Action Team members!

Meet with us over a cup of coffee, ask questions, share ideas...

Here is your invitation to attend my next open office on Tuesday, October 26. Drop in via Zoom any time between 10:00 and 12:00, and stay for as long as you like.

Or, copy and paste this link into your browser when the Open Office is in session:

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, October 26th!

Action Team Update
by Marie MacWhyte, AZELO Digital Marketing Lead

The assignment is easy. Sign up to join your legislative district's Action Team if you haven't already! Then when your Action Team leader reaches out, tell them you would like to be a NextDoor Poster as well! We have 14 Posters now, and if we're going to educate all 7.5 million Arizonans we'll need a few more!

However, if you aren't into NextDoor or any other kind of social media for that matter, we'll gladly take you as well. There will be plenty for everyone to do once we begin the action phase of our campaign. 

Our number of Action Team members continues to grow.  As of the date of this newsletter, we have 173 members with more Arizonans signing up each week. In the last issue of the newsletter, I posted a map of where our NextDoor Posters are located with blue pins and this issue shows our Action Team members in green. You can see how we are mostly concentrated in the urban areas of Arizona. If you live in an area on this map with no representation, here's a special call-out for you: You are needed! Help us populate this map with Action Team members and NextDoor Posters showing in real-time the education that is happening about MAID!

Sign up to join your Action Team here and when your Action Team leader reaches out, ask them about the role of NextDoor Poster as well!


Upcoming Events

Presented by Dr. Tom Fitch, this zoom presentation describes the six choices people have about how they will exit this life and makes a case for considering Medical Aid in Dying as one of the choices.

Click here to register. Your zoom link will be emailed to you:
Free Webinar on October 17th

Some call it the “death positivity” movement or “mortality-friendly.” There is definitely a cultural shift about talking about death and dying in America. Did the door crack open with Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ ground-breaking 1969 book On Death and Dying? Have you been intimately involved in the end-of-life decisions made by a family member or friend?

Whatever piqued your interest in advocating for a medical aid-in-dying option in Arizona, it is always encouraging to interact with like-minded people to keep motivated and educated about the right-to-die movement. 

New Mexico is celebrating its 5th Annual Before I Die New Mexico Festival from Oct. 30th through Nov. 2nd.  Events will be both in-person in Albuquerque but also virtual with folks joining in from around the globe. Admission is just a donation in any amount you’re comfortable with.

Particularly of interest to us at Arizona End-of-Life Options, will be the virtual panel of New Mexico's End-of-Life Options group who will answer questions about their new medical aid in dying law that just passed this year. Other interesting events will be the Death Cafes, sessions on writing obituaries, online memorial services, and medical surrogacy. Finally, who will be able to resist a session on grief entitled “Grumpy, Cranky, Fussy: The Unspoken Symptoms of Grief”?
If this interests you, or you want to watch videos of past speakers, check out the website for this annual event:
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