January 15, 2022
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Legislative Update
Call out to all Arizona Nurses
Volunteer Spotlight: Kate Miller
Kate Miller Animated Video:
      Why Arizona Needs the Medical Aid in Dying Option

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by Dwight Moore, Ph.D., Chair, Arizona End of Life Options

We've had a Great Start for 2022's Fundraising! 

Twenty donors generously gave between $5 and $250 for a total of $1680 in the first 13 days of the month so we are well on our way to reaching our goal of $10,000. If you are one of these generous supporters, Thank You!

Remember that we have a donor who will match dollar for dollar up to $10,000 which will allow us to double our efforts in educating the Arizona public and most importantly, push our state leaders to pass end-of-life legislation. Please give to this important campaign and consider asking two or three of your friends to donate as well so we can give greater choice to our terminally ill.

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Legislative Update
 by Leesa Stevens - Legislative Advocacy Leader

In this newsletter, we are pleased to announce our end of life bill sponsor for the Arizona House of Representatives: Rep. Chris Mathis, LD9.

Representative Mathis is an elder-care attorney, familiar with our issue, and enthusiastic about being our House bill sponsor. He joins Senator Stahl Hamilton as our Senate bill sponsor. Our bills are now under review by both chambers' legislative counsel. Additionally this week we sent an alert out to our supportive legislators making them aware of our bill and asking for their support by signing on as cosponsors. The bills will be assigned a number and then we will be ready for action!
This brings us to our first action for our Legislative District Action Team members. An Action Team Alert will be sent out via email asking our Action Team members to send
1) an email thanking our sponsors and cosponsors
2) to contact their legislators to inform them of our bills and asking for their support. 
I anticipate this first action will take less than an hour of your time during a two-week period in late January into early February. If you haven't already done so, please
join your legislative district Action Team today. Together we can form a loud and powerful voice urging our legislators to pass this very important bill; bringing the medical aid in dying option to terminally ill Arizona residents. 

Calling all Arizona Nurses!
In your nursing experience,
have you experienced a bad death?

Have you ever thought:
There must be a better way?
Many of your nursing colleagues are working to educate and influence legislators in Arizona to legalize Medical Aid in Dying to give the terminally ill the choice to end suffering when the dying patient determines it is time.

If you are a nurse, working or not, active or retired, and you want to help get Medical Aid in Dying legalized in Arizona,
read more here.

Volunteer Spotlight: Kate Miller

"In my life, I took far better care of cats, dogs, and farm animals than I was able to care for my own Mother. The haunting memories and regrets are still with me. We were unable to fulfill her wishes.

I have cared for six elderly relatives at the end of their lives, with issues ranging from heart failure, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and just plain old age with all its complications. I also lost a very close friend in mid-life to ovarian cancer and a minor stepchild."

Having accompanied others through end-of-life issues in Arizona, it is clear to Kate that the options in our state are woefully inadequate to serve the people.

A Scottsdale resident for over 30 years, Kate Miller works in the software industry as a technical writer, spanning the health care, financial, manufacturing, and cyber security industries. 

Kate started making animated videos a few years ago to provide overviews of complicated software to technical audiences. She currently creates technical documentation and videos for TIBCO which makes data move fast and securely all around the world (think any data-driven business such as financial institutions, health care companies, and travel). Computer-fluent, she uses a Windows machine for work and a MacBook for fun. Her current favorite video software are Animaker and Audicity. 

In her free time, Kate loves going to live and local music and small restaurants with friends and family. She is a cyclist, a 40+ year yogi, and gym rat. She enjoys crocheting blankets, sketching with colored pencils, and painting with acrylics.

Watch this Kate Miller video, made exclusively for AZELO! 
        Released today, January 15th, on all our social media!
Check it out, click on an icon below:

Upcoming Events

Presented by Dr. Dwight Moore, this zoom presentation describes the six choices people have about how they will exit this life and makes a case for considering Medical Aid in Dying as one of the choices.

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