March 1, 2022
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Legislative Update and Plan for Moving Forward
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Legislative Update and Plan for Moving Forward
by Dwight Moore, Ph.D., Chair of Arizona End of Life Options

The two goals of Arizona End of Life Options are to educate the public about medical aid in dying (MAID) and to influence the legislature to legalize MAID in Arizona. On Friday, Feb 18, the legislature failed us, refusing to hear either of our bills in their committees. There was no debate on either HB 2762 or SB 1486. Even though 60% of voters support medical aid in dying (and only 13% oppose), "representative government" has not worked here in Arizona.

We feel angry and disappointed. While we recognize that there are lots of bills submitted, too many for them to consider all, the Health and Human Services committee decided to discuss banning vaccinations (HB1062) and limiting access to sex education (HB1044), for example, instead of medical aid in dying. Many of our action team members across the state wrote their legislators asking them to support the bills.

The good news: .all the legislators are up for reelection this coming November, as some are running for re-election, others are retiring and their replacements will be running for the first time. We will be carrying on our campaign this spring and summer by identifying the candidates who support MAID so that we might support their campaigns. Additionally, we need to educate the 27% of registered voters who answered they were either neutral or unsure of their position on MAID in our January 2022 poll.

We have a lot of work to do! We will increase our educational efforts throughout the spring, summer, and fall. We will be asking the action teams to continue their monthly efforts to staff tables at libraries and farmers’ markets, to pass out our tri-folds, to hold house parties to spread the word, to write letters to the editors, to attend Legislative Day at the Capitol on March 21, and other activities. 

To our volunteers, and those of you helping to spread the word, thanks for your efforts so far. We look forward to continuing to work with you this spring and summer.

Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) bills have been submitted to the Arizona legislature numerous times since 2005. Now in 2022, in spite of a recent poll showing that 60% of Arizonans are in support of MAID, with just 13% opposed, once again, the legislature is choosing to ignore the bill. Arizona End of Life Options (AZELO) is determined to get MAID legalized in the state of Arizona.

Listen to the Chair of AZELO, Dwight Moore, PhD, as he describes his disappointment in the AZ legislature that is not representing the will of the people and explains the vision we have for AZELO efforts from this point forward.
Share your Story - Here's How
By Stu Burge, Volunteer
If you are a supporter of medical aid in dying (MAID), then it's likely you have experienced an event in your life that triggered your support. If so, we would love to hear about your experience.

For example, have you witnessed the protracted and painful death of a loved one because MAID was not legal in the state where they lived? How did that make you feel?

Have you ever heard someone say, “Why don’t they just let me die?”

If you’re a physician, have you ever had a patient beg you to end their suffering and hasten their death? How did you respond?

Or maybe you know someone who lived in one of the US states where MAID is already legal and exercised their right to a peaceful and dignified death in accordance with their most deeply held beliefs. How did that affect you?
As part of AZELO’s commitment to increasing public understanding of MAID and dispelling the many myths and half-truths we face, your help is needed.
If you are uneasy about your writing ability, not to worry -- we'll help you get your story told. The most important thing is having a story you are willing to share. If you have questions about the process, simply drop an email to Stu Burge ( and let's get started. Need a bit of inspiration? Take a look at a few of the great stories curated on our website

Now, More than Ever is the Time to Give!
By Stu Burge, Volunteer

Put simply, donations are a critical lifeline for nonprofit organizations like ours. They are pivotal in supporting the organization’s mission and maintaining its financial sustainability.

So, in this age of online everything, it’s no wonder that an online donation page is one of the most important elements of every nonprofit’s website and a primary conduit for online fundraising efforts. That’s why we have made several improvements to the
donation page on our AZELO website.

Here are the most notable examples:
  1. We have added a feature that makes it possible for supporters to select an automatically recurring donation on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. A recurring donation takes the guesswork out of giving because you “set it and forget it.” No more trying to keep track of when and how your gift will be made. And you can opt out at any time. Another plus: A small, recurring gift fits painlessly in most people’s budgets. A gift of $10 or $15 a month is far easier to budget for than a gift of $100. Recurring donations also help AZELO by providing a more stable and predictable source of revenue, an essential part of our strategic planning.
  1. Donations to nonprofits are often triggered by a life event, a birth, a death, a marriage, etc. These gifts, designed to honor someone or a life event, are called tribute gifts. Although they are often one-time gifts, they can make up a meaningful portion of fundraising for nonprofits, especially for organizations in the medical field, and humanitarian organizations. AZELO’s tribute gifts can be allocated in two different ways: (1) gifts made in memory of a deceased family member or other loved one; (2) a gift made in honor of a person who deserves recognition for their “above and beyond” contributions to a cause you support. This new feature also makes it possible for AZELO to automatically inform a significant other (spouse, sibling, parent, etc.) of the tribute gift.
There are many worthy organizations that deserve to be considered for your financial support. We hope your belief in the future of medical aid in dying (MAID) will warrant adding Arizona End-of-Life Options to your list of favored nonprofits. Visit our donation page and discover how easy it is.
Upcoming Events

Presented by Dr Tom Fitch on March 4th and Dr Dwight Moore on March 13th, these free zoom presentations describe the six choices people have about how they will exit this life and make a case for considering Medical Aid in Dying as one of the choices.

Click on one of these dates to register. Your zoom link will be emailed to you when you register and again on the morning of the webinar

Friday, March 4th at 1:00 Arizona Time by Dr Tom Fitch

Sunday, March 13th at 2:00 Arizona Time by Dr Dwight Moore 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Visit our booth at the Tucson Festival of Books Saturday and Sunday, March 12th and 13th    9:30 to 5:30

AZELO is pleased to announce we are sharing a booth (with Secular AZ and Freethought AZ) at this annual event held on the University of Arizona campus.  This is a great way to reach 100,000 visitors that come to hear famous authors, peruse dozens of booths celebrating the written word, independent booksellers, and a wide variety of non-profit exhibitors throughout Arizona.

This outdoor event was on hiatus for the last two years and hopes to have a good turnout this year at their indoor and outdoor events throughout the campus.  Covid-19 protocols are on the TFOB website. 

Look for us in BOOTH NO. 255 on the north side of the UA Mall midway between the UA Tent and the Beardown sign.  You can use this as an opportunity to pick up a supply of rack cards and tri-fold brochures to help us get the word out about AZELO.   Or stay a while and talk to other attendees about our effort to make MAID and Arizona end-of-life options. 
For more details check out:

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Secular Day at the Capitol Monday, March 14th, 9:00 – 2:00

Join us as we take a stand for Medical Aid in Dying during Secular Arizona's Day @ The Capitol.  The agenda during this five-hour event includes meetings with lawmakers, lunch, speakers. and a chance to meet others in your legislative district.

Two of the speakers you will want to meet (and thank!):

Senator Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton (LD-10) --our bill sponsor, also an ordained minister-- will talk about the role of faith leaders in secular advocacy.
Senator Martin Quezada (LD-29) -previous MAID bill co-sponsor and Secular Star lawmaker will share compelling stats illustrating what's happening at the Capitol.

We will have AZELO's Medical Aid in Dying booth there, with informational cards and brochures available free of charge, to be taken to hand out to your friends and family. Contact Mary Ganapol with your name, email address, and phone number if you would like to volunteer co-staffing our booth for a portion of the time you are there.

Register here so they can line up meetings with lawmakers by legislative district and order your lunch:

Secular Coalition for Arizona ( supports Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) as follows:  “Scientific information, rather than religious dogma or theology, is the appropriate basis for determining the validity and efficacy of public health policy and legislative measures pertaining to medical care.” And “End-of-life choices, including death with dignity, medically assisted death, etc., must be safeguarded from religious intrusion or theological definitions of ‘life’ or ‘personhood’”.
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