April 1, 2022
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State of the Union (so to speak) of AZELO
Action Team Alert for April
Report of our January 2022 Legislative Actions
Volunteer Job Posting

News Around the US: Oregon ends residency requirement
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State of the Union (so to speak) of AZELO
by Dwight Moore, Ph.D., Chair of Arizona End of Life Options

Here is the state of the union for Arizona End of Life Options. We have an ambitious goal of signing up 1000 Action Team Members by the November 8 elections. Action Teams influence legislators, educate the Arizona public, and recruit their friends and relatives to help pass Medical Aid in Dying legislation. So, I would like to appeal to you, readers of our newsletter, to sign up as Action Team Members if you haven’t already done so.

If you want a law in Arizona so that you and others might die with dignity, then spend the hour per month we estimate it will take of your time. We will provide monthly “Action Alerts,” outlining what we would like you to do, explicit scripts for talking to others, materials to hand out, and tactics to follow.

Click here to volunteer in your Legislative District Action Team

We are involved in other efforts including identifying new candidates who are running for the legislature and finding out where they stand on MAID, putting pressure on key members of the legislature (Speaker of the House, Committee Chairs), asking Action Team Members to attend campaign events as the election summer revs up, and exploring hiring a lobbyist.

Docs for Dignity is expanding its list of physicians who support MAID and would act as either Prescribing or Consulting Physicians when we get the law passed. Nurses for Dignity are beginning to develop a list of compounding pharmacies, supportive hospice organizations, and doctors who will prescribe. We are increasing the number of storytellers, preparing to write a number of op-eds and “letters to the editor” this summer about MAID, and distributing educational materials.

We have reorganized the Action Teams based on the new legislative districts, asked the Team Leaders to go through training of how to support their Action Team Members (you could consider being an Action Team Leader), and leverage our relationships with supportive organizations (e.g. Secular Az, The Humanist Society, Death Dulas). We are continuing to ask for donations to take advantage of our matching program.

We've sent educational brochures to all our action team members just this week and they should be hitting their mailboxes any day now. These should be distributed to any person you know who you think might be supportive.

Finally, our social media presence is exploding! Posting on over 100 Facebook groups in the state, we present the facts of MAID in the face of inaccuracies and biased opinions. Our webinars are now open registration.

In summary, please extend yourself and join us in all these important projects. If you believe in having a dignified death for yourself and those you love, dedicate an hour a month to this cause.

For those of you who have already joined your Legislative District Action Team, here is this month's Action Alert!

Action Team Alert for April, 2022
Arizona End of Life Options

Goal: To sign up two friends/relatives/neighbors as Action Team Members in the month of April.

Rationale: To reach our 1000 by November goal, we are asking each Action Team Member to talk with their friends, neighbors, and family about medical aid in dying and our efforts to get a law passed in Arizona. Then, walk the friend through how to sign up to be an action team member or do it for them.

Process: Engage your friend in a conversation e.g. “John and I recently completed our Living Will and learned about Medical Aid in Dying. Are you familiar with it? Simply it allows terminally ill people who are mentally competent, with the help of two doctors, to self-ingest medication to end their life with dignity. The bad news is that we don’t have the law here in Arizona (10 states do have the law). I am helping get a law passed here and would like to ask you to help with that effort. I estimate spending about an hour a month. What do you think?”

Or, “I am volunteering as an Action Team Member for a group here in Arizona that is trying to pass a Medical Aid in Dying bill. I think I told you that my mother died a bad death recently (briefly tell your story). I don’t want others to have to go through that. Would you consider joining me as a volunteer?

If you are currently an action team member and recently received AZELO flyers in the mail, be sure to share these as part of your conversations.

Then, open a computer, go to our website,, scroll down to the picture of the seagull squawking, and click on it. This is the form to sign up to be an Action Team Member. You can sign up your friends with their permission or sign up with them. Here is the direct link to sign up for an Action Team:

Support: Your Action Team Leader can help you practice your conversation and support your efforts. Simply we are asking each of you to sign up two people in April. This will allow us to influence legislators and educate the Arizona public.

We All Thank You, Action Team Members!

Report of our January 2022 Legislative Actions

by Leesa Stevens - Legislative Advocacy Leader

With the completion of the 2022 legislative campaign, I would like to share the results of the actions of the action team members. First, let me thank all of the action team leaders who helped distribute the many legislative action alerts to their members in a timely fashion this past winter. Thanks also to the 45 action team members who participated in the campaign.

Together the leaders and members contacted 24 legislators as constituents, asking them to reply back with their support level for MAID. Unfortunately, we only heard back from four legislators, two of whom were unsupportive and one who would be willing to consider our issue. Another one was supportive, but not interested in stepping out in front of the issue. The legislator who would be willing to consider our issue was one we had unsuccessfully tried numerous times to connect with, so that is promising. Thirteen members also contacted the Health Committee chairs and/or committee members to encourage them to hear our bills in their committees, but to no avail. Committee chairs wield a great deal of power, so look for a more focused action in this area before and during the next legislative session.

 Speaking of the next session,  we will be watching to see who will be seeking reelection along with candidates and challengers interested in representing us in 2023. We won't have long to wait. All legislators are up for reelection this fall, should they so choose, with petitions to get them on the ballot due in early April. Our work carries on, as we continue to seek legislative supporters for MAID.
Volunteer Job Posting

We need a person to lead our Fundraising efforts. We have successfully exceeded our budget for the past two years by grit and generous donors but now need real talent. We have some good ideas of what we need to do but desire more experienced talent to move us forward.

Please contact Dwight Moore, Chair, Arizona End of Life Options (360) 223-4958.

News Around the US

Oregon ends residency requirement for Medical Aid in Dying.

A lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act reached a settlement Monday, March 28, 2022, in the U.S. District Court in Portland, Oregon. 

The premise of the lawsuit was that patients can travel to Oregon for every other kind of medical treatment without being a resident, so why are patients prohibited from traveling there for medical aid in dying?

In settling the case, both the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Medical Board have asked the Legislature to take off the residency requirement from their existing Death with Dignity law.

After 25 years of experience in Oregon, the end of the residency requirement lightens the burden for dying patients seeking this option. It means qualified patients can now choose their doctor. It means peace of mind. It also means Arizona residents can more easily access MAID even though they don't have this option at home. Reported by George Eighmey, JD, Board President, Death with Dignity National Center

For any Arizona resident considering a trip to Oregon in order to use medical aid in dying, you should read Compassion & Choices' guidelines:

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