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July 1, 2023


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  • AZELO is Getting Formal
  • MAID in the News
  • The Day I Die: Book Review
  • Donate for Dignity

AZELO is Getting Formal

by Mark Savan, Executive Director


This spring and summer, AZELO has taken numerous steps to formalize our organizational structure.  While we never want to become overly bureaucratic, we do feel that an increased level of formal organization will allow us to become more efficient and to provide better visibility to our supporters and donors (i.e. You!)

AZELO has now officially incorporated in the state of Arizona. This enables us to apply for designation as a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization and we are currently undergoing the multi-month process to acquire that status.

As a Charitable Organization, there are some legal restrictions on our activities, so we have also established a Legislative Advocacy entity (called “Choices Arizona”) to fund our efforts to promote the enactment of specific bills in the Arizona legislature.

These official organizational structures facilitate the management of our financial affairs, the application for more grants, and the provision of visibility to how donations are being utilized.


We have established June 30 as our fiscal year end and are currently working on compiling our Annual Report for the just-concluded period.  Next month’s newsletter will have information on how you can access this report which will summarize our activities over the past 12 months as well as our plans for the next 12.


MAID News in the US

Last month we reported on the passage of House Bill 190 in Vermont, which removed the residency requirement for those seeking MAID. 

Now in Oregon, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum has agreed to settle a similiar case filed there, stating there is no defense to keeping residency rules in place. HB 2279 repeals Oregon's residency requirement, passed the Senate last Wednesday and is now on it's way to Governor Tina Kotek’s desk. 

If you are interested in learning more about medical aid in dying in Oregon, visit End of Life Choices Oregon’s out-of-state page.

While these residency repeals are a significant step forward, in both states patients will still be required to meet all of the safeguards and conditions that ensure the patient is terminally ill and within six months of death, is acting voluntarily, and is able to self-administer the medication. Note that waiting periods and all other requirements, including the taking of the medication itself, must occur within those states.



The Day I Die: Book Review

by Mark Savan, Executive Director


I recently had the opportunity to attend a fantastic event that was sponsored by Ohio End of Life Options in my original hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.  The author Anita Hannig spoke about and answered questions regarding Medical Aid in Dying (MAID).  Anita has written a book titled “The Day I Die” that I found to be a great overview of MAID and how it is used as well as many of the challenges that still exist even in states where it has been legalized.

In addition to researching the topic for over five years, Ms. Hannig also spent eight months as a hospice volunteer.  Her book tells the stories of the patients, medical professionals, caregivers, and family members involved with numerous cases involving MAID.  I highly recommend “The Day I Die” for anyone who is interest in this issue.  I found its story-telling format to be not only efficient in delivering information, but also powerful in conveying the personal and emotional sides of these stories.

During the presentation in Cleveland, Anita read an excerpt from the book and engaged in a very spirited Q&A session.  The session runs about 45 minutes in length and can be viewed at the following link:

Watch video here

For those who are interested in purchasing “The Day I Die” you can find it on Amazon at the following link or at wherever you buy your books.


Buy the book here




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