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September 1, 2023


Make a Lasting Impact:
Support End-of-Life Options in Arizona Today!
by Mark Savan, Executive Director

We continue to work diligently “behind the scenes” this summer to set ourselves up for a successful upcoming year.  We have kicked-off our legislative activities with a strategic planning session where we put details to the plans outlined in our Annual Report.  We are finalizing the legal and financial structures that will allow us to operate more efficiently and provide greater transparency.  Finally, with this article, we are announcing our fundraising campaign that will help to fuel all our upcoming activities.

Our Fundraising Campaign: Empowering Choices, Ensuring Dignity

We are thrilled to launch our annual fundraising campaign and invite you to participate in this impactful endeavor. Your contributions play a pivotal role in sustaining our mission to advocate for compassionate end-of-life options for those who require them the most. Each contribution brings us closer to providing individuals with the autonomy and dignity they deserve during their final journey.

Your Donations at Work: Ensuring Sustainability and Empowerment

Wondering how your generosity directly impacts our cause? Your contributions serve as the cornerstone of our organization's growth and impact. They help us:

  • Build Infrastructure: Donations allow us to maintain essential infrastructure such as website hosting, financial management software, and business insurance. These crucial components enable us to operate efficiently and transparently, ensuring that your support directly translates into meaningful progress.
  • Expand Outreach Programs: Your contributions power our outreach initiatives that involve travel and presentations throughout the state. These efforts allow us to engage with communities across Arizona, raise awareness about end-of-life options, and provide crucial information to those seeking guidance.
  • Develop Educational Resources: Your support aids in the creation of educational materials for both the general public and lawmakers. These resources play a pivotal role in dispelling myths, fostering understanding, and influencing informed decision-making at all levels of society.

How to Make a Meaningful Difference

Making a contribution is simple! Visit our fundraising web page: Click the button below to donate and be a catalyst for change. 

Your support directly fuels our initiatives, allowing us to offer vital resources and assistance to individuals navigating the complex landscape of end-of-life choices.

Discover Our Impact: 2022-2023 Annual Report

Curious about the tangible outcomes of your contributions? Dive into our recently published Annual Report. Click Here to explore the achievements of the past year and gain insight into our forthcoming projects. Together, we have accomplished remarkable feats, and we are excited about the positive transformations on the horizon.

Empower Change, Enjoy Benefits

It's important to highlight that AZELO is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donations not only support a noble cause but may also offer you tax benefits in accordance with the law.

Join the Movement Today

Your generosity holds the power to transform lives, offering comfort and empowerment to those grappling with profound end-of-life decisions. By contributing to our cause, you are advocating for the fundamental values of choice, dignity, and compassion.

Thank you for being an invaluable part of the AZELO community. Together, we can create a more compassionate and empathetic landscape for end-of-life options in Arizona.

Ready to make an impact?  Click here to donate now.  If you are planning to make a donation from a donor-advised fund please contact me directly at

P.S. Please share this meaningful opportunity with friends and family who share our values. Your advocacy can amplify our reach and empower more individuals in need. 


Save the Date for Tucson's Loft Cinema

by Mary Ganapol, Southern Arizona Lead

Mark your calendars for another community event Tucson's Loft Cinema!

Sunday October 29th afternoon showing of the film “Last Flight Home” with filmmaker Ondi Tominer.

Sponsored by Compassion & Choices and Hosted by AZELO and Tucson End of Life Doulas

More details to follow.  View trailer here:  Last Flight Home

Film Summary: In his final days, we discover Eli Timoner and an extraordinary life of wild achievements, tragic loss and most of all, enduring love. LAST FLIGHT HOME shares a stunning verite' account of a couraeous family confronting life and death.


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