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October 1, 2023


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  • A huge "Thank You" to all who have donated!
  • Preparing for the upcoming legislative session
  • And then there were three… New Jersey!
  • Save the Date for Tucson's Loft Cinema



 A huge “Thank You” to all who have donated!

On behalf of the entire team here at AZELO, I would like to thank all of you who contributed to our fundraiser this past month.  We have had more than 60 different people donate and have raised over $19,000.


While we are an all-volunteer organization, our operations do have expenses.  Without your contributions we simply could not continue to operate.  Again, thank you to all of you who have so generously donated.


The total amount raised thus far covers a good portion – but not all – of our anticipated expenses for the year.  We have submitted grant requests that will help bridge the gap and will continue to work to find ways to obtain funding. But, your support has gotten us off to a good start and we are fully moving forward with our plans for the next 12 months!


For those of you who have not yet contributed but would like to help move our cause forward in the 2024 legislative session and beyond – simply click here or on the button below.  A donation of $20.24 will help make a difference in 2024!



Preparing for the upcoming legislative session

One of the ways that we can all make our voices heard in the Arizona State Legislature is through the Request to Speak System (RTS).  This system allows citizens to register their opinions on bills in a way that can be easily accessed by legislators and their aides.

Despite its name, RTS is not necessarily a request to speak in person or electronically to anyone at the Capitol, it can also be used to simply register a “for” or “against” on a bill.

In order to use RTS, one must create an account.  Traditionally this requires one to physical go to the Capitol to register. However, a group called “Civic Engagement Beyond Voting” provides a service where they will send one of their “runners” to the Capitol to do this for you.


If you haven’t already, you can sign up for the RTS system through the following link:


As we work through the upcoming legislative session we will put out an “Action Alert” to “Request to Speak” on any bills that we introduce.  By registering now you can participate in these Alerts.



And then there were three… New Jersey!

New Jersey recently became the third state to consider eliminating the residency requirement to qualify for medical aid in dying (MAID).  Oregon and Vermont have already done so.  And the other states where it’s legal will, no doubt, follow suit since there is now precedence.

The basis for this change is simple: the residency requirement 

violates the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal treatment under the law.  Compassion and Choices has been leading the way on these changes to the existing laws through the courts.  CEO Kim Callinan thanked Oregon lawmakers for "recognizing that your zip code should not dictate whether a terminally ill person can seek medical aid in dying to peacefully end unbearable suffering. Americans travel all the time across state lines to receive the best care they can find, so it should be no different for this end-of-life option."

Before you start packing your bags and booking your flights, realize this is more complicated than popping across state lines and bringing the meds back home in your carry-on. You still need to locate two physicians practicing in that state, qualify for MAID, understand all the safeguards, obtain the prescription and self-administer the medication in the state where it is legal.

Join us at Arizona End of Life Options to make MAID legal here - for Arizona residents.


Save the Date for Tucson's Loft Cinema

by Mary Ganapol, Southern Arizona Lead

Sunday October 29th starting at 2:00

LOFT Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway Blvd., Tucson

"Last Flight Home" by MTV Documentary Films has been nominated for an Emmy award in the category "Exceptional Merit in Documentary Filmmaking."

This film chronicles the remarkable life of Eli Timoner -- founder of Florida Air -- and his decision to use the California End of Life Option Act to peacefully end his life with grace and dignity. He is surrounded by his extended family, including his daughter, internationally acclaimed documentary director Ondi, and his other daughter, Brooklyn-based Rabbi Rachel Timoner. See how this decision allowed the fmily to say goodbye and celebrate his life.

Currently on a nationwide tour, sandwiched in between showings at Harvard Medical School and Stanford Medical School, the special guests in person following the film are Filmmaker Ondi Timoner and President and CEO Of Compassion & Choices, Kim Callinan.


Compassion & Choices Nationwide Tour of "Last Flight Home"

Tucson End of Life Doulas

Trailer: Click Here

One time only!

Free and open to the public with a suggested $5 donation to benefit AZELO, an Arizona 501(c)3.


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October 11: Westminister Village, Scottsdale (Private Event)


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