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May 2024



The AZELO Bookstore is Open

by Mark Savan - Executive Director

During most of my in-person presentations, I end up having a discussion with someone about an interesting or inspiring book that they've read on the topic of end-of-life options. Accordingly, we've compiled a list of such books and have opened a Bookstore, where one can browse and purchase in a way that provides a benefit to AZELO.


We've also initiated a series of book reviews - AZELO member Marcia Vincent leads this effort off below with her review of "In Love."


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"In Love" by Amy Bloom

Book Review by Marcia Vincent

This book made me weep many times. It is more than a memoir, the author is sitting beside you, just telling you how it was. It was a true telling, with real names, real incidents, just many of the tiny things said and done in a happy loving marriage.


Amy Bloom and her husband Brian were married in their fifties for twelve years. The story speaks of the time before the diagnosis of Alzheimer's, and the time after that. Brian decided quickly that he did not want the "long goodbye," and he never deviated from that. Amy explores all the possible ways to help Brian end his life when he feels ready to go in a gentle and dignified way. Since there is no right to die law in their home state of Connecticut, she eventually finds Dignitas in Switzerland. The story moves back and forth, explaining the huge effort and complications in getting accepted by Dignitas. Meanwhile, Brian is diminishing, and is rarely the man she knew and loved.


This is a beautiful, heartbreaking and sad story I will never forget it. An excellent example of why we need MAID in every state.


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MAID News Around the US

Progress contines to be made allowing Americans to die with dignity. Read about current advances happening federally, and in Delaware, New York, and New Hampshire.


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