Calling All Arizona Nurses!

In your nursing experience, have you experienced a bad death?
Have you thought: There must be a better way?

Many of your colleagues are working to educate and influence legislators in Arizona to pass a Medical Aid in Dying bill to give the terminally ill the choice to end their suffering when they determine it is time.

Nurses for Dignity, a sub-group within Arizona End of Life Options, have written the letter below to be sent to all 90 Arizona State Legislators and they are inviting you to add your name and credential.

If you would like your name included, use the simple form below the letter to give your permission to have your name added.

Your voice in important. Your voice is powerful. Stand together with other Arizona nurses to let our legislature know that Arizona nurses believe Medical Aid in Dying is a right for all terminally ill.

Arizona Nurses for Dignity

Letter to the Arizona State Legislature:

Arizona Nurses for Dignity is a community of nurses across Arizona speaking out in support for a full range of options at the end of life, including Medical Aid in Dying. We advocate to reduce end-of-life disparities and bring the voice of nursing to public policy debates.

Advances in modern medicine have allowed people to live longer and lead fuller, more productive lives. Despite such advances, we cannot escape the reality that just as life has a beginning, it also inevitably ends. Nurses often witness unnecessary pain and suffering at the end of life due in part to aggressive, futile medical treatments.

The role of the nurse is to educate patients and their families about available end-of-life options, including advanced care planning, palliative care, and hospice. Providing this support assists patients and families to make the best end-of-life medical decisions based on their wishes, values, and desires.

The American Nurses Association stated (2019):

“The delivery of high-quality, compassionate, holistic and patient-centered care, including end-of-life care, is central to nursing practice. Hallmarks of end-of-life care include respect for patient self-determination, nonjudgmental support for patients’ end-of-life preferences and values, and prevention and alleviation of suffering.”

We, the undersigned, support the passage of SB1486 “terminally ill individuals, end of life options” in order to meet the ever-growing demand for this additional end-of-life option. Ten states of the US have legalized Medical Aid in Dying.

[Nurses names and credentials will appear in this spot]
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