November 1, 2020
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...And Here in the US!
Dear Supporter,

November is here and bringing with it new beginnings. This year we find ourselves reorganizing, re-evaluating, and starting up anew after isolating ourselves during an intensely hot summer and politically chaotic fall. I don't know about you, but I have been confined to our house for what seems like ages now and I'm ready for something new.

So now, as the season cools and we are ever more confident about how to stay safe amid a pandemic, I invite you to stop, reflect and recharge. Life has changed, a new season is beginning, and with it a new reality.

To kick off this season, we are presenting a new look to our newsletter and I hope you'll enjoy this format. Read on to learn what else is afoot at AZELO!


Meet our New Digital Marketing Team!

For a long time, the Social Media role at AZELO remained unfilled. "Nope," our tech experts sniffed, when asked if they'd take it on. But hard times can bring about good things and one good thing produced by the forced isolation of the Covid pandemic was time to create a successful social media campaign.

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...but Believe in the Cause?

If you support this cause but have literally no time to spare, we have the perfect job for you: just help us get the word out among your family, your friends and your neighborhood. And if you use social media, all the better! Just follow the social media link of your choice (at the bottom of this newsletter) and then "like" or "follow us" there.

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Volunteer Spotlight
Meet Dave, our Accountant, Webinar Lead, internet and computer Wiz, who is something of an enigma. You see, Dave is colorblind, which doesn't interfere with his computing talents however, we would expect it to interfere with a particular hobby Dave has, and which he is exceptionally talented…

Imagine our surprise to find Dave’s hobby as a nature photographer. “I just seem to have a unique perspective not shared by many it seems,” says Dave about his work, “since I’m colorblind, I would never, EVER adjust color in my photos, but I do seem to have a knack at recognizing and capturing a great scene and then enhancing it by tweaking the shadowing, contrast, and cropping to bring out it’s inherent design elements.”

Click to read more and see some of Dave's work 
News Around the Globe

BBC News - New Zealand euthanasia: Assisted dying to be legal for terminally ill people

Matt Vickers carried on his late wife Lecretia Seales' campaign to change New Zealand's law on assisted dying. Photograph: Matt Vickers
New Zealand has voted to legalize euthanasia in what campaigners have called "a victory for compassion and kindness."

BC News -Call for parliament to review assisted dying law in England and Wales
Jane Nicklinson, one of the signatories of the letter, holds a picture of her husband Tony, who had locked-in syndrome in the run-up to his death in 2012. Photograph: Rex Features
An open letter, whose signatories include Phil Newby, who is terminally ill with motor neurone disease, demands parliament look again at the issue five years after a private members bill was overwhelmingly rejected.
An opinion poll last year showed that more than 90% of the UK population believed assisted dying should be legalized for those with terminal illnesses, and 88% considered it acceptable for people with dementia to receive help to end their lives, provided they consented before losing their mental capacity.
...And Here in the US!
Arizona Psychological Association endorses Medical Aid in Dying
Founded in 1950, AzPA advocates for mental health issues and helps folks in need of services, find a psychologist. Its mission is to advance the profession, preserve its integrity, promote health, and advocate in the public interest. Led by Rebbeca Lahann, PsyD, the organization stated this week that it supports medical aid in dying for Arizona's residents. 

The endorsement states that "the Governing Council of AzPA urges the State Legislature to consider the enactment of legislation, using as a model, Oregon’s “Death with Dignity Act and similar legislative acts in other states such as Washington and Vermont, under which terminally-ill adult Arizonans would be allowed to make a written request for the prescription of medication for the purpose of ending life in a humane and dignified manner." 

Nine states and the District of Columbia currently have medical aid in dying in place. In our state, Arizona End of Life Options (AZELO) is a grassroots organization which educates the public about MAID and has the goal of passing legislation by 2022 so that eligible citizens can chose to die with dignity. 

Other endorsements awarded to AZELO include the city councils from Sedona, Ora Valley, and Bisbee, the Arizona Academy of Family Physicians (neutral), Secular Coalition of Arizona, ACLU Arizona Chapter, and the Unitarian Universalist churches of Tucson and Prescott.
Coming Events!

If you haven't already, register for our live webinar on zoom about the Six Choices at the End of Life. Other recorded webinars are also available on the webinar page of the AZELO website at
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