November 2020 Newsletter Extra: Meet Our Digital Marketing Team

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digital marketing team
Team meetings these days occur at the kitchen counter. How times have changed!

Dominique is probably the busiest member of our team juggling full time work with a full load of classes. She is passionate about giving people the choice to die on their own terms and has selflessly agreed to take on the LINKED IN platform to expand our reach, educate and network with other Arizonans.

Julie, who has worked in the travel industry throughout her career, has transplanted herself from the Seattle area to Green Valley, AZ. Not only is she a true believer of our cause, but she’s keen on using FACEBOOK to get the word out. We are fortunate to have Julie’s enthusiasm and ideas on our team!

Marie is a retired RN who has 35 nursing years under her belt, the last few of them devoted to Hospice care. “Watching people suffer at the end of their lives was the worst part of my job,” she says. “It should be culturally acceptable for people to opt out during the last stage of life if they are miserable and steadily deteriorating.” Using her organizational abilities, essential skills in her nursing profession, Marie has launched the Digital Marketing project as the LEAD and has also taken on the AZELO NEWSLETTER. Based in Goodyear, AZ and mostly self-confined to her house due to our brutal summer and enforced pandemic quarantine, Marie has had lots of time to get the Digital Marketing project off the ground.

Mary retired five years ago and hit the ground running by volunteering for three non-profits. “It’s true,” admits Mary, “you are often busier in retirement than before retirement!” Always interested in politics, she is now more focused on local state issues and enjoys following our interesting (often quirky) Arizona politicians. She’s new to TWITTER but says she’s willing to learn and is excited to tweet MAID for AZ!

Libby is one of just a very few AZELO Millennials volunteering with our organization and has agreed to contribute her insight and skill about communicating effectively via INSTAGRAM with the younger demographic. With a Master’s Degree in Global Health, Libby understands the wisdom of enacting Medical Aid in Dying choices for all people. She lives in London, England with her husband who is a psychiatrist in the British Health System. Coordinating team meetings has been a bit of a challenge with the 8 hour time difference amongst our team! However, today’s technology is incredible, once we’re together in a zoom meeting, no one notices that Libby is a continent away!

Whit is our YOUTUBE manager. He is a retired air traffic controller and owner of two small businesses: Apple IT consulting and drone imaging. He volunteered several decades ago as a technology consultant for a hospice organization in Michigan and continues to this day as their webmaster. He is a firm believer in secular government and personal freedom and strongly supports everyone’s right to access MAID.

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