May 1, 2022
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News Around the US: Oregon ends residency requirement
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Opportunities to Volunteer
by Dwight Moore, Ph.D., Chair of Arizona End of Life Options

Arizona End of Life Options has no (0) paid staff. A true grass roots organization, we thrive on the willingness of people like you to offer time and expertise to our projects. This article describes the important positions we have open for volunteers.

Disability Lead
Understanding the needs of those living with disability, responding to their concerns, and formulating a political approach to influence leaders and legislators are part of this job. When New Mexico passed its medical aid in dying law last year, they had both positive and neutral support from the disabled community which muted the unfounded and inaccurate “facts” of our opposition. We need someone to engage with the disability community to gain support, and possibly endorsement, for Medical Aid in Dying.

Advisory Council Support
We have assembled a nationally recognized group of MAID leaders which we use as a sounding board for challenges we face. We ask for their advice and they share their experience and wisdom. We need help organizing those meetings, creating an agenda, and summarizing findings.

Social Media Support
In conjunction with Marie MacWhyte, expand the footprint of our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Instagram, U-Tube). Follow up on our Webinar attendee lists and our social media contacts. If you are unsure of your own computer abilities, consider asking someone who is younger than 50 in your family to help with this project.

Event Planner/Public Relations Campaign Manager
Throughout the summer there will be a number of campaign and educational events across the state. We will need to identify when and where those events are occurring and schedule attendance. We want to share our voice as we approach the November elections, and educate the voters of the state about Medical Aid In Dying.

Simply put, if we wish to have a MAID law in place in Arizona when we need it, we all need to work hard now to get this law passed. It won’t happen otherwise.

Action Team Alert for May, 2022
Arizona End of Life Options

Goal: For May’s Action Alert we want to encourage our Action Teams to continue to sign up new members as we march towards our goal of “1000 by November.”  

Rationale: To reach our 1000 by November goal, we are asking each Action Team Member to talk with their friends, neighbors, and family about medical aid in dying and our efforts to get a law passed in Arizona. Then, walk the friend through how to sign up to be an action team member or do it for them.

In support of this effort, this month’s Action Alert simply provides some resources as well as a success story that we want to share with you in order to help keep your “batteries charged!”

First is a success story from one of our Action Team leaders who related the following “win” from one of their team members:

“About a week after sending out the April Action Alert, I received the following email from a fellow team member, Alice:
“I co-moderated a book club pick today, Being Mortal by Atul Gowandi.  I started with some reflections that came from Joan Halifax’s writings on dying.  (Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe).  Imaging the worst possible death/circumstances, and then imagining the best death one could have provided good discussion.  I gave everyone the AZELO brochure and discussed that, and then the book discussion.  Gowandi didn’t seem to like death with dignity approach, instead pushing hospice. But it was written in 2014 and I don’t think he understood what the process really is.  Everyone present was favorable to AZELO, and 3 asked me to sign them up to be action team members …”
Sure enough, the day after I received the email from Alice I received notice from volunteer coordinator Kem Ellis that I had new Action Team sign-ups.  I’ve contacted all three of the people and they are now all on board as Action Team members.

Great work Alice - put 3 wins up on the scoreboard!”

We know that these discussions can be difficult to start so here are several resources that you may find useful:

1.  The AZELO website is constantly updated with the latest news and happenings; you can find it at

2.  Our next webinar is on May 6th.  Attendees will hear AZELO leaders speak about the 6 options for end-of-life care and can answer any questions that you have.  Register for the webinar at or see the direct link to the webinar at the bottom of this newsletter, which can be used to enter the webinar once it has begun.

3.  Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) enjoys significant public support.  Our latest poll results can be found at

If you are already an Action Team member or leader, thank you! - we can’t do this without you!

And if not; you can sign up to join here: teams/

Legislative Update
by Leesa Stevens

May looks like the kickoff into a robust election season for our state legislature with the state primary August 2nd. That means a challenging amount of work for AZELO in the coming months. Interested in Arizona politics or have a bit of extra time and don't mind spending it on your computer?

If that's the case, GREAT!! I am looking for 3-9 AZELO volunteers to work with me on a small legislative task force for the next 4 months. (If you are only available for 2 months ... no problem, I can work with your schedule.) We will be researching and contacting legislative candidates to educate them about MAID and ask for their support. We will also be attending (virtually) town halls and candidate debate forums. 

There are currently almost 300 candidates vying for 90 legislative seats, so your assistance would be greatly appreciated. There will be quite a few new legislative faces in 2023 ... let's see if we can find enough supportive ones to move the needle in our direction.

No phone calls or email composition is required on your part, easy peasy.

Interested? Send me an email and we can discuss.

Thanks for your support and activism!

This Arizona Doctor Says Patients Should be Able to End Their Own Lives

by Steve Goldstein
Published: Mo
nday, April 18, 2022

The state of Oregon was the first in the U.S. to legalize medical aid in dying, and it recently made that option more readily available by eliminating residency requirements to go through the process.
Arizona is not one of the 10 states that allow medical aid in dying, and that led two sisters to go from here to Switzerland to end their lives in a clinic. 

Palliative care options have increased significantly in recent years, but some in Arizona are advocating for the state to legalize medical aid in dying. One of them is retired physician Tom Fitch, who is a member of the leadership team of Arizona End-of-Life Options.

The Show spoke with him and began the conversation by asking what studies indicate about the ways end of life care has changed and what concerns still exist.

Listen to the 7 minute Radio Show Broadcast Here

Upcoming Events

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