Webinars on End of Life Options

Five recorded webinars to choose from:

1. Below is a recorded version of our live webinar with Tom Fitch, MD, oncologist and palliative care physician retired from Mayo Clinic. 46 minutes.

2. TWO STORIES: A good death and a bad death. Video below, 33 minutes.

3. [Below] “Dying in America: Care Options Near the End of Life” presented by Dr. Tom Fitch and Mary Ganapol for Tucson’s Roots & Roads Community Hospice Foundation. 95 minutes.

4. [Below] Are you ready for the last chapter of your life? Are your affairs in order? Does your family know how you feel about end-of-life options? Listen carefully as Kem Ellis, Volunteer Coordinator of Arizona End-of-Life Options, interviews Drs Dwight Moore and Tom Fitch about areas we all should be addressing now. 32 minutes.

4. Below is a webinar about how to communicate about medical aid in dying (MAID). Mostly intended for our volunteers but also includes good general information about MAID. Hosted by Dwight Moore and Mark Savan.