Lobbying for Medical Aid in Dying

Below is a 50-minute presentation (January 17, 2023) from Paul Klein and Eddie Ableser of TriStrategies, LTD., a government relations and public affairs firm specializing in lobbying, strategic communications, coalition management, public engagement, and advocacy.


Paul Klein is a government relations and public affairs expert with over 15 years of experience with political campaigns. Klein had lobbied several pieces of legislation through passage from healthcare and public safety programs to insurance and education reforms. He successfully advocated for the protection of the advertising deduction before the U.S. Congress. Klein is a former communications director for the City of Reno government and creative director for national advertising agency White Rabbit. Since 2005, Klein has served as a national board member on the American Advertising Federation board of directors, and holds that organization’s ethics in advertising certification. Klein also served as a City of Reno Commissioner from 2007 to 2011. Klein has lobbied on behalf of the End of Life Act and Medical Aid In Dying since 2018.

Eddie Ableser grew up in Los Angeles and moved to Tempe, Arizona, in 1996 to attend Arizona State University, and holds a BA in Political Science, a BA in Chinese, a Masters in Counseling Psychology, and a PhD in Justice Studies. Eddie served for 10 years in both the Arizona State Senate and Arizona House of Representatives, as well as started his own counseling practice, Ableser Family Counseling. He subsequently moved to Reno, where he took the position as the inaugural Director of the Office for a Safe and Respectful Learning Environment, within the Nevada Department of Education. Eddie has also served the state of Nevada as the Administrator for the Division of Aging and Disability Services and Deputy Administrator for the Division of Public and Behavioral Health, within the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services.