May 2023 Newsletter Extra: Arizona Daily Star on Telemedicine

From the the Arizona Daily Star on April 27, 2023: “Dying patients protest looming telehealth crackdown”

This AP article describes a 93-year old New Jersey woman who wanted to access MAID (legal in her state since 2019) but was bedbound and too sick to travel. She was able to obtain her prescription from a doctor as the result of a telemedicine visit but this access may end soon. Protocols for telemedicine were understandably relaxed for the last three years due to the pandemic but the U. S. Drug Enforcement Agency is proposing the old rules be reinstated:  they want to require doctors to see patients in person at least once prior to prescribing narcotics.

Part of this change to roll back the parameters of telemedicine is due to the nationwide opioid epidemic. But those seeking a prescription for MAID are outside the addiction model! Could there be an exception made for those like Teri Sheridan of New Jersey who are too fragile to leave home? Or alternatively can we return to the days of doctors making house calls to their MAID patients?

See full article Dying patients protest looming telehealth crackdown.