Momentum for MAID

By Mark Savan
Executive Director
Arizona End of Life Options

While it may not feel like it in Arizona, there is momentum building around the country regarding the legalization of Medical Aid in Dying (MAID). As you’ve read previously in this newsletter, multiple states have legislative activity around MAID and we are seeing a broadened sense of perspective and balance in how the issue is covered in popular media. For example, the following article appeared in the New York Times recently (June 1).

The first 10 people to click on this link to the article will be able to access it for free — after that you will need to be a NYT subscriber to view it. For those unable to view it, the article describes the actions taken by our parallel organization in New York to try to gain passage of a MAID law. The article is — in my opinion — balanced and, unfortunately, the dissenters rely on the typical, unsubstantiated objections of “slippery slope” and “potential for abuse.”

On the bright side however, the article also describes the change in position of the Medical Society of the State of New York, which has changed their official position from one of objection to one of support. This is an encouraging development and AZELO continues to work with the compatible organization in Arizona (ArMA) to attain a neutral or supportive position.

Along a similar line, the national organization of Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association is reviewing their official position on MAID and has drafted a neutral position for which they are soliciting comments. If you are a member of our Healthcare Providers for Dignity list then you have already received an invitation to provide comment. If you are a healthcare professional (MD, DO, LNP, RN, Pharm, etc.) — either practicing or retired — who is not on the list and would like to be please click here to join it.

Obviously, we would all like to see more progress here in Arizona but this momentum elsewhere is good for us and will prove helpful when the window of opportunity opens here.