Webinar: Our Volunteer Campaign

INSTRUCTIONS: Do not use the Play button. Instead, advance the slides with the > arrow. Slides 3 through 8 have audio which starts automatically. If you hold your mouse over the speaker symbol, it provides player controls with time left, volume, pause, and a position slider.

We are a 100% volunteer organization. Here you meet some of our volunteer leaders. Perhaps you can volunteer also!

Slide 3: Eileen McCulloch, Volunteer Coordinator (3:29)
Slide 4: Leesa Stevens, Legislative Advocacy (4:20)
Slide 5: Dave Wolf, Administration and Information Technology (3:42)
Slide 6: Dr. Dwight Moore, Educational Outreach (4:42)
Slide 7: Stu Burge, Communications (3:49)
Slide 8: Mary Ganapol, Southern Arizona Lead (3:11)