April 2024 Newsletter: Public Support for MAID

By Mark Savan

In early 2022 we conducted a public opinion poll asking Arizona voters how they felt about Medical Aid in Dying (MAID). The answer …. Overwhelming support!

More specifically there are several critical takeaways from the results of the poll:

  • There is very little opposition to MAID – only 13% of Arizonans oppose it
  • The majority of almost all sampled demographic groups support MAID – examples of these groups include Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Conservatives, Liberals, Catholics, Protestants, Whites, and Hispanics
  • A fairly large portion of respondents – 27% – responded “undecided” or “unsure”. Thus, education and outreach remain a critical opportunity for us.

As we have learned from this current legislative session, there are some unfortunate political considerations that prevent public opinion from being fairly represented. While this is an extremely frustrating reality, I want to remind us all of the broad support for MAID.

The truth is on our side on this issue and we will continue to fight for the will of the people.

Please visit our webpage for more details on the survey – https://azendoflifeoptions.org/arizona-public-poll/