May 2023 Newsletter Extra: From the AZELO Executive Director

Post-Legislative Push: Entering the ‘Slow’ Season with Ongoing Initiatives

By Mark Savan, AZELO Executive Director

As the days get longer and the temperatures get warmer, AZELO moves into what may look like a “slow” season. Our 2023 legislative push has passed and many of our supporters depart Arizona to their summer residences, but we have several ongoing initiatives that we believe will help set us up for future success.

Our new Treasurer, Lesa Abbey, is working to formalize our organizational structure and is filing necessary documents with the State of Arizona that will help us to provide better accountability and transparency to all of you. We also believe that the more formal structure will help to increase our visibility to those around the state who support our cause.

As you’ve read about elsewhere in this newsletter, our Southern Arizona region maintains a very vibrant event calendar. Mary Ganapol continues to work tirelessly to organize and promote events that educate Arizona residents about end-of-life options and, just as importantly, create an environment where the process of managing one’s death can be openly discussed.

You’ve also heard previously a bit about our renewed efforts with the Healthcare Providers for Dignity initiative.  We’ve broadened the scope of this program to include a range of providers in areas such as pharmacy and mental health.  We continue to believe that having a unified set of voices in the healthcare arena can be a critical component to achieving our goals of educating the general public and lawmakers.

As always, thank you for your support,